Reverend Cecil Williams speaking at a memorial for Maya Angelou at Glide Memorial Church. He said, "Isn't it something that were drawn together again by Maya Angelou. We're drawn together because we will for centuries to come honor and participate and engage in her legacy and also in the fact that this spirit of Maya is with us. History will record that on this day, we began a new way and a new understanding of what it means to be brothers and sisters. Here we are, Maya. Here we are."

Willie Brown said that every time he talked to her, Maya Angelou lectured him about what he was doing wrong.

R&B singer Valerie Simpson performing during the service.

Mayor Lee spoke about Maya Angelou growing up in the Fillmore, graduating from a San Francisco high school and becoming the first black female MUNI streetcar conductor. He said if she was still around, he would ask her to drive a MUNI again.

Maya Angelou's son Guy Johnson speaks about his mother.