Curtis Mayfield's funkiest, most downbeat songs from the pre-disco 70s. Curtis wrote many other positive, upbeat and romantic songs as well, but this mix is a two hour groove of introspective urban bummed outness. Not a mood everyone relates to, but often I've given this to someone and run into them later and had them tell me Man I've listened to that Curtis Mayfield tape every day for the last month. I was too lazy to dig out all that vinyl again when I made the CD, I just burned it from my master mix cassette, so you're listening to three audio formats at once.

1 Superfly 3:51
2 Underground 5:10
3 Stone Junkie 8:05
4 The Other Side Of Town 3:57
5 Right On For The Darkness 7:23
6 Now You're Gone 6:35
7 Hard Times 3:37
8 Pusherman 4:55
9 When Seasons Change 5:16
10 Kung Fu 6:04
11 Can't Say Nothin' 5:08

1 (Don't Worry) If There's A Hell Below We're All Gonna Go 7:35
2 Might Mighty (Spade & Whitey) 6:55
3 Stare And Stare 6:50
4 Get Down 5:36
5 Future Shock 5:14
6 Freddi's Dead 5:20
7 Billy Jack 5:59
8 We The People Who Are Darker Than Blue 6:37
9 Beautiful Brother Of Mine 7:15